Parliament Committee approves Draft Auction Law for the second reading

Today the Parliament Fuel and Energy Committee considered the amendments submitted by Members of the Parliament to the Draft Law No. 8449-D (introducing renewable energy auctions) after the first reading. New version of the Draft Law was approved and sent for the second reading by the Parliament that can take place in the nearest time.

The main provisions supported by the Committee are as follows:

Solar power plants: the Feed-in Tariff will be reduced by 25% starting from 2020 and by 2.5% annually during next 3 years.
Wind power plants: the Feed-in Tariff will be reduced by 10% starting from 2020 without further reduction (previously 1.5% annual reduction was planned for 2021-2023).
Biomass/biogas power plants: the Feed-in Tariff will not be reduced from 2020 (previously 10% reduction was planned).
Cut-off date: 31 December 2019 (deadline for developers of new projects to get all permits and conclude pre-РРА with the Guaranteed Buyer to be eligible staying at the Feed-in Tariff system until 2030).

Participation in the auctions is obligatory since 2020 for solar power plants with installed capacity exceeding 1 MW and for wind power plants with installed capacity exceeding 5 MW.

Previously issued technical conditions for grid connection will be valid for 2 years (from the date when Law comes in force) for solar power plants and for 3 years for wind power plants.

Detailed information will be posted on our website after official publication of the new version of the Draft Law.