Eugenia Zagumennova-Krupovich

Eugenia Zagumennova-Krupovich

Eugenia Zagumennova-Krupovich is Senior Legal Advisor at IMEPOWER legal practice focusing on legal and regulatory framework of electricity market. For many years she has been advising Members of the Parliament Fuel and Energy Committee and was a part of a core team having drafted the Law on Electricity Market and the Law on Energy Regulator.

Currently Eugenia is key lawyer drafting new package of legislative amendments to introduce new support system for renewable energy projects in Ukraine based on auctions. She has significant experience of legal and regulatory due diligence of renewable energy projects for the EBRD and private investors.

Eugenia worked with the NEURC as legal expert and senior legal expert involved in drafting and legal analysis of the documents regulating electricity and gas markets, licensing procedures, pricing, etc.


  • Development of legislative acts in the field of regulation of facilities construction of power sector infrastructure
  • Advising power generating company on implications of market liberalization envisaged by the Law on Electricity Market
  • Advising and institutional support to the Parliament Fuel and Energy Committee in analyzing/drafting legislation, organization of round tables and debates on the most critical energy reform issues
  • Implementing of the Acquis Communautaire within the framework of fulfillment of commitments within Ukraine’s joining the Energy Community Treaty
  • Advising IFC on improving bankability of the Ukrainian renewable energy sector

Key projects: